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Work with Dr. Holton to better align organizational missions, values, policies and practices with one another and with modern organizational and behavioral sciences.

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Dr. Holton has given both virtual and in-person talks on various topics throughout the United States, Europe and Mexico. Inquire about booking him for your school or organization, today.

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Whether you're a CEO, high-level athlete or simply an individual looking to level up critical skill and habits s that lead to personal thriving, you can benefit from learning to incorporate the science of  flourishing into your life and practices. 

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Learn the empirical science of flourishing, now being taught and received as the most popular courses at Ivy league institutions and powerful organizations around the world. These scientific principles have been shown to improve well-being, engagement, life satisfaction, buffer against stress and depression and much more!

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"The story of humankind is the story of men and women selling themselves short"

-Abraham Maslow

Dr. Holton's sense of purpose revolves around helping individuals, teams, businesses and organizations become the best version of themselves through the application of the cutting edge science of human flourishing. His work as a consultant, coach, speaker and author focuses on scientific research that facilitates and supports optimal functioning, a synergistic development of both peak performance and overall happiness & satisfaction. He has worked with NBA athletes, NCAA programs, fortune 500 businesses as well as individuals from some of the most well-known firms in the world. His work is global, having trained, spoken to and written for audiences around the U.S., Europe, India, Australia, Singapore, Mexico South America and many more.


In addition to reviewing manuscripts for the Journal of Happiness Studies, Dr. Holton is also a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, the International Positive Psychology Association and the International Positive Education Network.


"Dr. Holton has really helped our organization focus on the metrics that matter. Moving the conversation from an antiquated “employee satisfaction” survey, to an on-going “employee engagement” measurement, is a great leap forward.  Our work with Nick has inspired our teams and brought about greater awareness of and interest in our organizational mission to be a progressive, interesting and rewarding place to work, at all levels of the company. We’ll see fruit from these efforts for years to come!"

-Jeremy Barnett, Senior VP of Marketing & Business Development for NAS Insurance

"Nick is one of the most creative individuals my institute has had the pleasure to work with. Innovative, perceptive, easy going and generous of spirit, I wish I had more like him. Nick has provided my institute with invaluable advice and I look forward to working with him in the future"

-Ed Serotta, Founder and Director of CENTROPA a European-based NGO & Historical Archive

"I thought our team culture was strong, but it's incredible how much better it has become from working with Dr. Holton.  His work with our team gave us thought provoking perspective and opportunities to improve communication, understanding, and expectations alongside commitment to further cement some of the pillars in our culture.  There is now a deeper sense of purpose, belief and confidence in all aspects of our student-athlete experiences."

-Jeff Hosler, Head Coach Michigan State University, three-time National Champion & three-time NCAA National coach of the year

“I found it both enlightening and encouraging to learn about ways we can train our brains in order to live more intentionally and more efficiently. 

The true power of this course is in the presentation of tangible tools that we can utilize to be more mindful, resilient, optimistic and grateful in our daily life.  And knowing that through our failures and mistakes, success is on the other side of matter how old you are.”

-Dan, Los Angeles based Architect


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